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I ordered an Office Ooma and used it for 7 months. I would say I've had a great experience for being a inexpensive IP phone system with some really neat features, up until the end.

Called today to cancel service because I'm no longer working remotely for my office and was giving total ***. Took me 45 minutes going back and fourth with these people to cancel my service. Very very disappointing. They try and get you to sell it on EBay and make them a new customer, to offering you 60 days of "free" service even if you're not needing it.

Really? Totally horrifying experience and a total time burner. They make you feel like YOU'RE the one doing something wrong. Will never use Office Ooma again.

Not recommended. Spend the money and buy a REAL phone system. Also, fax machines don't work property due to the flux in the IP signal.

Faxes come out garbled most times and not readable.. Also goes down often and not really reliable if your running a busy business :)

Review about: Dhgate Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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